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   Save a Sample Roaster Today  

Is your sample roaster noisy or smoking? Does it have burners that won't ignite? Do you have coffee that isn't cooling in it?
John Larkin and Company, Inc. reconditions and repairs all brands of gas or electric sample roasters to make them look and work like new.
Our services (at our facility or yours) include:
  • Disassembly and evaluation

  • Thorough cleaning

  • Repair and/or replacement of worn or broken parts, including drives, hinges, belts, and burners

  • Burner upgrades

  • Rewiring

  • Repainting--right down to the special touches like gold or silver lettering


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 Or, call John Larkin and Co., Inc. for sample roaster replacement parts.


If you are in the market for a new or used sample roaster 

John Larkin and Company, Inc. can provide you with pricing on a new sample roaster. Because of the demand for used ones, we also keep a list of those wishing to sell or buy used sample roasters. Please call us at 973.627.7779 to be added to this list.
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John Larkin and Company, Inc.   Tel. 973.627.7779