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Production Optimization

A production optimization analysis can improve your throughput by identifying:
  • how you can maximize your current equipment capabilities and

  • what equipment issues you may wish to address now or in the future to further streamline and/or grow.

A John Larkin and Company project consultant (1) visits and analyzes your facility, (2) supplies you with a detailed flow chart of your individual pieces of equipment and how they integrate to determine your production capacity, (3) identifies problem areas or pinch points, and (4) recommends solutions.
Optimization projects can also include specific attention to:
  • planning and prioritizing equipment maintenance and rebuilds,

  • planning and prioritizing equipment replacement and upgrades, and

  • new equipment quotations, comparisons, and recommendations.

With an optimization plan in place, upgrades and/or growth can be planned and accomplished on an incremental basis, with both short and long term goals in mind.
Please call us at 973.627.7779 to discuss how a production optimization analysis can help advance your goals.
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