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Need a grinder head exchange? Roll adjustment? New grinder? Feed or take-away system?
John Larkin and Company works with grinder manufacturers such as Modern Process Equipment to provide replacement parts, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, and installation of grinders, as well as feed and take-away systems. 
The goal of John Larkin and Company, Inc. is always to make your equipment operate the way the manufacturer intended. 
The combination of our mechanics' and technicians' field experience and manufacturers' replacement parts gets it right the first time, thereby getting your equipment into production quickly and efficiently.
Please call us at 973.627.7779 to discuss your specific grinder and/or feed and take-away system needs.
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MPE-GPX 3        MPE-800 FX
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Joper MH-98

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John Larkin and Company, Inc.   Tel. 973.627.7779